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Your Science. Our Sequencers.

Our mission is to support scientists like you to accomplish your project, regardless of its scope. With rapid advancements in sequencing technology and capacity, we believe that genome sequencing as the gold standard for genetic analyses should be available to every scientist committed to the wide field of biology. We are your first choice genome […]

CeGaT Presents Results of Corona Antibody Tests

Tübingen, May 27, 2020: CeGaT GmbH started corona antibody testing May 11. In light of great public interest, CeGaT publishes statistics on the test results on its website. The statistics will be updated every Monday in the early afternoon by adding the data of the previous week. 8.8 percent of the 6,776 people tested have […]

CeGaT Offers Corona Antibody Test

Since May 11, 2020, CeGaT offers a CE certified corona antibody test. This test determines whether a person has antibodies against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. People who have antibodies are assumed to have undergone a coronavirus infection and are highly likely to be immune. The collection tubes required for the test can be ordered via the […]

Tumor Mutational Burden and Other Biomarkers Help to Assess the Efficacy of Immunotherapies

Immunotherapy has revolutionized the treatment of many types of cancer by taking advantage of the immune system’s ability to fight cancer cells. In the last few years, a growing number of immunotherapy-based clinical trials were launched to increase success rates further. Specific biomarkers help to stratify patients for the best treatment choice, and also to […]

CeGaT Remains Up and Running During COVID-19 – Offering Genetic Diagnostics and Research and Pharma Solution Services

CeGaT has taken all necessary precautions to protect the health of customers and team members and to safeguard uninterrupted business operations. All samples are processed as usual. We take the situation seriously and monitor the current developments so that we can react quickly to new circumstances and take appropriate action. Our aim is to ensure […]