Your Science. Our Sequencers.

Our mission is to support scientists like you to accomplish your project, regardless of its scope. With rapid advancements in sequencing technology and capacity, we believe that genome sequencing as the gold standard for genetic analyses should be available to every scientist committed to the wide field of biology. We are your first choice genome sequencing provider, ready to meet your demands and to provide you with a genomic dataset – fast, affordable, and with outstanding service.

Genome sequencing for everyone – nothing can stop you now

To underscore our commitment to the scientific community, we have increased our sequencers fleet to five NovaSeq 6000s. This enables us to sequence additional 9000-14000 genomes per year. With the capacity gained, we can offer high-quality sequencing at competitive prices – also for smaller batches. We hence make genome sequencing accessible for all research groups, with sequencing demands in any quantity. 

Interpreting genomic data is vital – good thing that we have ten years of experience 

The sequencing of the whole genome provides a complete picture of an organism’s set of genetic information, which is especially important for rare disease and cancer research. Still, its interpretation is limited and remains challenging. As a pioneer in genetic diagnostics, we use our ten years of experience in solving cases to create and further develop new methods in genetics analyses. For more than one decade, we have successfully supported numerous projects from start to finish. We know what it takes to achieve the best results.

Tomorrow’s genetic research and diagnostics available today 

We are continuously growing and expanding to strengthen our position as your partner of choice for research projects – today and tomorrow. We are interested in developing solutions together with you, and we are your approachable partner with extensive, dedicated customer service. We use proven technology and adhere to the highest standards. All project steps are carried out in-house and under constant scientific supervision to maintain the best results. CeGaT is accredited according to CAP/CLIA and DIN EN ISO 15189, hence meeting high international laboratory standards. We are a privately held, independent company that only delivers fast, reliable, and trusted quality made in Germany.

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