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About Immunomonitoring Services

Robust immunomonitoring assays are essential for characterizing the immune status of patients receiving novel immunomodulating treatments. The insights gained from studying these immune responses are crucial for bringing promising therapies from the clinical trial phase to standard of care.

CeGaT provides support during initial design, establishment and validation of individual antibody panels and assays for your purposes.

Together with our NGS-based services, we provide a potent immunomonitoring and target discovery platform for your studies.

IFN-γ (x-axis) and TNF (y-axis) production by CD4+ T-cells (left) and CD8+ T-cells (right) activated with Influenza-A-derived peptides (stimulated vs. unstimulated)

IFN-γ (x-axis) and TNF (y-axis) production by CD4+ T-cells (left) and CD8+ T-cells (right) activated with Influenza-A-derived peptides (stimulated vs. unstimulated)

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We are happy to discuss sequencing options and find an individual solution for your research project.

You help us by specifying sample information including starting material, number of samples, preferred library prep option, preferred sequencing depth and required bioinformatics.

Excerpts from Our Immunomonitoring Product Portfolio

Blood profiling

  • Determination of relative and absolute counts of peripheral immune cells (T-, B-, NK-cells, MDSCs)
  • Using predefined or customized antibody panels

Phenotypic surface marker analyses

  • Evaluation of activating vs. inhibitory receptors (checkpoints), exhaustion markers, naive vs. memory status, etc. on defined immune populations

Functional analyses after stimulation/activation

  • Readout: proliferation (CFSE), cytokine production (Th1, Th2, Th17, CTL), degranulation (killing), protein phosphorylation

Sequencing of certain immune subpopulations

  • For example CD8+ PD-1+ T-cells

Detection of (neo)antigen-specific T-cells

  • Detection ex-vivo or after in-vitro expansion
  • HLA class I and II using multimer and ICS (Intracellular cytokine staining) technology

Immunogenicity testing after peptide prediction

  • Enumeration of T-cells capable of recognizing predicted HLA-binding peptides

Antibody epitope mapping and receptor occupancy testing

  • Characterization and evaluation of antibody-receptor interactions

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