mRNA Sequencing Service

For mRNA sequencing, the coding RNAs are enriched by poly-A selection. Sequencing of the mRNA is the method of choice for analyzing the transcriptomes, e.g., of disease states or of biological responses. It is both a highly sensitive and accurate method for quantifying gene expression.

Sequencing of mRNA provides a detailed view of the coding RNA molecules of known and novel transcript isoforms. Additional features, like gene fusions, can also be detected. mRNA sequencing offers these analyses while requiring less sequencing capacity than total RNA sequencing.

mRNA Sequencing Allows for:

  • Measurement of differential gene expression
  • Capturing known and novel transcript isoforms
  • Detection of previously unknown transcripts

QC Standards

  • Sequencing quality standard – Q30 > 80 %
  • Standard of library preparation is the same as for diagnostic samples

mRNA Sequencing at a Glance

  • Strand-specific library preparation
  • Fully automated library preparation for sample batches of 46–86 samples
  • PE and SR sequencing options available (standard PE100)
  • ≥ 30 Mio cluster per sample recommended
  • Sequencing raw data available in standard file formats
  • Bioinformatics analysis available
  • Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks
  • Detailed project reporting

Input RNA: 500 ng total RNA

Purified Small RNA: from 1–10 ng total RNA

RNA Concentration: 20 ng/µL

RNA Volume: ≥ 20 µL

RNA Quality: RIN ≥ 8 for total RNA samples

  • RNA isolation as additional service
  • Adaption of sequencing depth
  • Alignment
  • Normalization (miRge)
  • Counting of miRNAs
  • Differential gene expression
  • Annotation (miRBAse)

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