Anna Maria Braun and Stanley Su

Precision Medicine: B. Braun China enters a new business segment

Braun China and CeGaT GmbH have founded a new B. Braun company in Shanghai to develop individualized or personalized medicine, also known as “precision medicine.”

Braun Precision Medicine Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. (BBPM) was opened on May 8th by Yunying Li, General Manager of the new company, in the presence of board member Anna Maria Braun, President of B. Braun Asia Pacific, and Stanley Su, CEO and Managing Director of B. Braun Greater China, as well as members of management from B. Braun China.

The collaboration between B. Braun China and CeGaT GmbH, a leading supplier in Europe for the decryption of genetic information and its medical interpretation, on the one hand, and B. Braun Precision Medicine Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. (BBPM), on the other, will allow B. Braun China to enter the market for individualized and personalized medicine. Using the latest technologies (next generation sequencing, NovaSeq), the patient’s genetic code is decrypted. This is the basis for a precise diagnostic and the development of therapies customized to patients.

The founding of B. Braun Precision Medicine Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. is a milestone for B. Braun in entering the market for personalized medicine and services in China. Just at the right time, because the market is characterized by remarkable fast growth in China.  Precision Medicine was included as one of the major projects in the country’s 13th five-year plan. A continuous increase in commercial interest and investment in the new segment of medicine is anticipated over the coming years. With its planned offering of diagnostics, personalized therapy offerings, products and services, B. Braun can position itself strategically in this field as a system partner for patients, doctors and hospitals.

About CeGaT: As a service provider in the field of medicine and biotechnology, CeGaT offers decryption of genetic information and the medical interpretation of its data. CeGaT is the first company in the world to combine human genetic diagnostics with next generation sequencing, a new method for decrypting genetic information. In 2010 CeGaT developed so-called diagnostic panels which, for the first time could be used to decode all genes related to a certain disease simultaneously.

CeGaT and B. Braun have been cooperative partners for many years. B. Braun is a 30 percent shareholder of CeGaT. In June of 2014, both companies founded a subsidiary in the USA together with B. Braun Medical US, called B. Braun CeGaT, LLC, headquartered in Pennsylvania.

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