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New Diagnostic Panel for Liver Diseases

CeGaT now offers a comprehensive Diagnostic Panel for hereditary childhood Liver Diseases, which has been designed in collaboration with Dr. med. Ekkehard Sturm, assistant medical director of gastroenterology at the University Children’s Hospital, Tübingen.

Childhood Liver Diseases are relatively rare disorders, and an early and precise diagnosis is of vital importance to enable an effective therapy. The use of molecular genetic analyses within these disorders offers an additional diagnostic opportunity when used in conjunction with an assessment of symptoms, laboratory, and image-guided diagnostics (Sturm und Hörtnagel, Monatszeitschrift Kinderheilkunde May2016, Band 164, S. 448-454).

The panel comprises eight gene sets with 118 genes in total, and offers the rapid and simultaneous analysis of all disease-associated genes known to be causative for hereditary childhood Liver Diseases.

For further information please visit the page for Liver Diseases.