CeGaT’s Genetic Tumor Diagnostics: Significantly Enhanced Medical Reporting

CeGaT has updated its Somatic Tumor Panel: Sequencing of 742 genes in tumor and normal tissue, reporting of treatment option, TMB and MSI determination, illustration of tumor-relevant signaling pathways. This helps physicians to identify the best therapeutic strategy.

Every tumor has an underlying genetic cause: a unique set of mutations that help the tumor to survive, reducing its sensitivity to treatment and developing resistance against drugs. Knowing a tumor’s mutations helps to identify promising therapeutic strategies and to avoid ineffective treatment options with their associated side effects. The goal of our Somatic Tumor Panel is to analyze all genes known to be involved in the development and progression of a tumor and to make this information accessible by means of a comprehensive and actionable medical report.

Our medical report on somatic tumor mutations features a wide range of analyses that offer physicians a detailed understanding of the molecular changes within the tumor cells. All our analyses are designed to assist the treating oncologist to choose an individualized treatment for each patient:

  • Treatment options

Our comprehensive medical report describes which of the tumor’s somatic mutations have potential therapeutic relevance. We list all treatment options.

  • TMB/MSI determination

Reliable determination of tumor mutational burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI) is a basis for a decision on immunotherapies with checkpoint inhibitors.

  • Illustration of tumor-relevant signaling pathways

Understanding altered signaling in the tumor helps to find its vulnerabilities and allows to identify the tumor’s possible bypass strategies.

We continuously update our panel according to recent scientific publications. For this update 32 genes have been added. We now analyze 742 tumor associated genes and selected translocations in 31 genes.

To ensure the highest sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy, we base our analysis on tumor and matching normal tissue. Only this approach guarantees accurate results. To maximize diagnostic yield, we include the analysis of single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions and deletions (INDELs), and copy number variants (CNVs).

We also offer a liquid biopsy option: Liquid biopsy is a useful method to access tumor tissue if it is not possible to obtain tumor tissue through surgery.

Sequencing, bioinformatic analysis and scientific interpretation are all done in-house by our specialized team. Our laboratory is fully accredited according to CAP, CLIA and DIN EN ISO 15189:2014.

For any questions please contact our team at sales@cegat.de. The somatic tumor analysis can be ordered here.