CeGaT introduces panel for Mitochondriopathies

Together with its clinical partners Prof. Thomas Meitinger and Dr. Holger Prokisch (TU München), Prof. Peter Freisinger (Department of Pediatrics Reutlingen Hospital) and Dr. Hans Mayr (Mito-Center Salzburg-München) and in collaboration with mitoGENE as part of mitoNET, CeGaT developed Diagnostic Panels for comprehensive molecular analysis of mitochondriopathies.

The two subpanels (MIT01 and MIT02) consist of 37 genes of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and 175 nuclear encoded genes associated with mitochondiopathies. This enables comprehensive diagnostics of these heterogeneous diseases. In case of negative test results, the analysis can be expanded to all nuclear encoded genes (> 1000) and beyond by means of whole exome sequencing.