CeGaT, JSW, and NMI work on novel Alzheimer’s Disease Models

CeGaT, JSW Lifesciences GmbH, Grambach, Austria, and NMI Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut an der Universität Tübingen, Reutlingen, Germany, today announced that they will develop novel models for Alzheimer’s and related diseases based on the mitochondrial cascade hypothesis.

Within the three year project, knocking-down of mitochondrial proteins will be used to elucidate the specific involvement of mitochondria in neuron homeostasis and synaptic connectivity in cell culture as well as in newly developed animal models. Mitochondria are crucial for the survival and death of neurons and high energy-dependent cell types, in general. Changes in mitochondrial membrane potential, membrane composition, protein import, respiratory chain, ATP production, fission, fusion, transport and degradation of mitochondria will ultimately affect central functions of individual cells, especially in the mammalian brain. Using next generation high throughput sequencing technology, early and late changes affecting mitochondria in newly developed cell culture and animal models will be analysed in depth.
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New Retina subpanels

CeGaT introduces three additional Subpanels for Hereditary Eye Diseases:

  • Stargardt disease and macular dystrophies (11 Genes)
  • Cone rod dystrophies (25 Genes)
  • Flecked retina disorders (6 Genes)

We are now offering 32 Subpanels:

  • Dementia and ALS (1 Subpanel – 20 Genes)
  • Parkinson Syndrome (1 Subpanel – 16 Genes)
  • Epilepsy (15 Subpanels – 265 Genes)
  • Hereditary Eye Diseases (15 Subpanels – 196 Genes)

For further information please visit our Diagnostic Panels section.

New Epilepsy subpanels

CeGaT introduced 15 Epilepsy Subpanels. With these Diagnostic Panels all genes associated with Epilepsy can be sequenced simultaneously on our SOLiD 4 platform. We offer a full Epilepsy Diagnostic (Sequencing on SOLiD 4 system, Data Analysis, Re-Sequencing of Variants, Report) for each of our subpanels.

We are now offering 28 subpanels:

  • Dementia and ALS (1 Panel – 20 genes)
  • Parkinson Syndrome (1 Panel – 16 genes)
  • Epilepsy (15 Panels – 265 genes)
  • Hereditary Eye Diseases (11 Panels – 168 genes)

For further information please visit the Diagnostic Panels section.

Introduction of Diagnostic Panels

CeGaT is among the worldwide pioneers and the first German company introducing Diagnostic Panels.
With our panels a high number of genes can be sequenced and diagnosed simultaneously. In total we offer 16 different subpanels:

  • Dementia and ALS (1 Subpanel, 20 Genes)
  • Parkinson Syndrome (1 Subpanel, 16 Genes)
  • Epilepsy (3 Subpanels – 55 Genes)
  • Hereditary Eye Diseases (11 Subpanels, 150 Genes)

For further information please visit the Diagnostic Panels section.