Article on CeGaT’s Tumor Diagnostics

Today the BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH released an article on CeGaT’s tumor diagnostics with the title “Personalized tumor diagnosis by high-throughput sequencing” on its website.

The report details the possibilities and advantages of CeGaT’s tumor diagnostics due to high-throughput sequencing. After the analysis of cancer-relevant genes, for example, the attending doctor can customize the treatment for his patients. This can improve chances of cure and medication side effects can be minimized.

Read the article on the website of BIOPRO.

GenomeWeb interview with Saskia Biskup

Today GenomeWeb published a long interview with Saskia Biskup. Saskia talks about CeGaT’s Diagnostic Panels and its significant advantages over single gene testing. She also presents the Tumor pipeline recently introduced by CeGaT. Furthermore Saskia announced the launch of an extensive Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Panel with more than 340 genes.

The complete interview can be read on the GenomeWeb website

GenomeWeb interview with Saskia Biskup

Few days ago CeGaT welcomed in Tübingen the colleagues from Interviewed by Julia Karow (Editor, In Sequence and Clinical Sequencing News) Saskia Biskup presented interesting information on CeGaT and the supply of diagnostic panels.

Watch the complete interview on the GenomWeb website.

Article on CeGaT in GenomeWeb / InSequence

Today Monica Heger of GenomeWeb / InSequence published an article on CeGaT and its Diagnostic Panels.

Read the article on the GenomeWeb website.