CeGaT invested in HiSeq 2500 from Illumina

CeGaT expanded its range of sequencing technologys to HiSeq 2500 from Illumina. CeGaT has now following sequencing platforms:

  • 3 SOLiD 5500xl (Life Technologies)
  • 1 Ion Torrent PGM (Life Technologies)
  • 1 HiSeq 2500 (Illumina)

The investment in the HiSeq 2500 is an extension of the portfolio of sequencing platforms.

CeGaT event: Epilepsy Symposium – February 2nd 2013

With the title “Morbus Sacer today – New opportunities in epilepsy diagnosis” CeGaT provides on February 2nd 2013 in Tübingen an Epilepsy Symposium with high-class speakers.

Collaboration between CeGaT and Amplexa

CeGaT and Amplexa (Denmark) will collaborate on diagnostic gene tests.

Please see our joint press release.

CeGaT starts FREE Exomes Project

To celebrate its successful participation in Boston Children’s Hospital Clarity Challenge, CeGaT together with Genomatix offers a free sequencing and analysis of 18 exomes:

  • Each applicant is entitled to a maximum of three free exomes.
  • Each applicant needs to complete the attached application form and needs to send it to info[at]www.cegat.de
  • All applications reaching us until December 31, 2012 will participate in the drawing. We will select the winners randomly and will publish them on this page on Jan 4, 2012.
  • The sample must be sent to CeGaT by March 31, 2013 the latest.
  • Results will be sent out no later than June 30, 2013.
  • Each participant needs to make sure that consent of the patients / family members is given and that exome sequencing does comply with all national laws and regulations.
  • For data analysis clinical and pedigree information is helpful for us. Please use CeGaT’s free Pedigree Chart Designer to submit all relevant pedigree information.

The Winners of FREE EXOMES PROJECT are

  • Dr. Abeer Alsayegh, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Oman
  • Dr. Tobias Linden, Univ. Kinderklinik Münster, Germany
  • Dr. Dorothea Gadzicki, Endokrinologikum Hannover, Germany
  • Dr. Ingo Kurth, Universitätsklinikum Jena, Germany
  • Dr. Johannes Lemke, Universitätsklinik für Kinderheilkunde Bern, Switzerland
  • Ghada Osman, Saudi-Arabia

CeGaT congratulates the winners!

GenomeWeb interview with Saskia Biskup

Few days ago CeGaT welcomed in Tübingen the colleagues from genomeweb.com. Interviewed by Julia Karow (Editor, In Sequence and Clinical Sequencing News) Saskia Biskup presented interesting information on CeGaT and the supply of diagnostic panels.

Watch the complete interview on the GenomWeb website.