CeGaT is finalist at the German Founder Award

Today it was announced that CeGaT is one of the three finalists of the German Founders Award in the category “StartUp”. The jury states as reason: “… because the company bundles the know-how of medical professionals, scientists and bioinformaticians, and reaches a new level in the analysis of genomes.”

We are delighted to receive this award, as it is a recognition of the great efforts of the entire CeGaT team. It is for us a further motivation to provide sequencing services at the highest level.

CeGaT at the NewCome

Ernst Pfister opened the NewCome 2011 at the Messe Stuttgart with the words: “Interested founder with innovative and sustainable business ideas can help in starting a makeover to our economy!”. To describe the short but very successful career of CeGaT Saskia Biskup she is invited along with two other founders to a panel discussion (chaired by Prof. Schäfer).

CeGaT upgrades to SOLiD 5500xl

Beginning of 2011 CeGaT has ordered the SOLiD 5500xl system. As official service provider of Applied Biosystems / life technologies we will be among the first using this technology. Per run we will be able to generate up to 180 Gb (= bases).
With the new nanobeads which will be available soon this output can be further increased up to approx. 300 Gb per run. The accuracy obtained is at more than 99.99%. Further information regarding the SOLiD 5500xl can be found at Applied Biosystems / life technologies.

Exome Sequencing and Nature Genetics

The group of Dr. Holger Prokisch, Institute of Human Genetics, Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany, was able to identify a new gene (ACAD9) as cause of complex I deficiency, a severe mitochondrial disorder. The gene was identified through Exome Sequencing performed at CeGaT GmbH.
Most interestingly, this study demonstrates how Exome Sequencing can contribute to finding the underlying gene and by this laying out the basis for functional experiments that can lead to new treatment options in so far undiagnosed cases.
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Article on CeGaT in GenomeWeb / InSequence

Today Monica Heger of GenomeWeb / InSequence published an article on CeGaT and its Diagnostic Panels.

Read the article on the GenomeWeb website.