CeGaT adds HiSeq 4000 to its sequencing capacities

As of today, the HiSeq 4000 has been added to the routine diagnostics pipeline of CeGaT. The HiSeq 4000 belongs to the latest generation of Illumina sequencers. This expansion of our sequencing capacities enables us to better fulfill your project and diagnostics requests. The HiSeq 4000 is being used for research purposes (like exome and genome sequencing) as well as for our diagnostic panels.

In addition to the HiSeq 4000, CeGaT operates two HiSeq 2500, a MiSeq and multiple 96-well Sanger sequencers.

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Sequencing services expanded to include transcriptome sequencing

CeGaT has expanded our sequencing services to include transcriptome sequencing, also known as transcriptomics. This method is valuable for both basic and clinical research.
Using transcriptome sequencing, the whole RNA content of a biological sample can be detected and quantified. It is helpful for the following objectives:

  • Analysis of differential gene expression
  • Detection of alternative splicing
  • Detection of novel transcripts

The protocol can be adapted to the desired application and the sample limitations. For example, the low-input protocol needs only 1 ng RNA or 200 cells for the analysis to be performed.

For further information regarding transcriptome sequencing, please visit the transcriptome analysis section.

For the official launch of this service, we offer transcriptome sequencing at a special price of EUR 3.990 for 3 groups with 3 biological replicates and respective bioinformatics analysis (VAT not included) until the end of October 2015*.
* when receiving RNA (min. 1 µg RNA, RIN>8), the sequencing mode is 1x 50 bp, with an average output of 30 M/sample, and a processing time of 6-8 weeks

Expansion of available sequencing services by research exomes

CeGaT has expanded its product range in the field of sequencing services by offering exome analyses for research purposes.

The service includes exome sequencing and, if required, also comprehensive data analysis. Thereby, the sequencing depth can be adjusted to the specific demand. Customers from research areas are given the opportunity to receive an analysis fitting to their requirements and may also profit from the quality already established in our diagnostics.

Further advantages:

  • Possibility to adjust the protocol depending on the quality and amount of received sample material.
  • In case of receiving samples from several family members pedigrees and inheritance models may be considered.
  • When receiving tumor tissue together with corresponding normal tissue we are able to perform a comparative analysis of tumor vs. normal tissue for the targeted identification of somatic mutations.

Please visit the section Research: Exome for further information.

For the official launch of this service we offer the exome at a special price of EUR 800 (VAT not included) until the end of September 2015*.

* When receiving DNA, sequencing depth 10-12 GB, maximum of 20 exomes per customer

Non-invasive prenatal tests available by Cenata

Since the beginning of May 2015 the non-invasive prenatal test HarmonyTM is being performed in Germany by Cenata GmbH. Cenata GmbH was founded jointly by Labor Enders, CeGaT GmbH and Prof. Dr. Hinrichsen. The HarmonyTM test reliably detects the most common chromosomal disorders in unborn children.

Maternal blood already contains not only genetic information of the mother but also genetic information of the child from an early phase of pregnancy. This so-called “cell-free fetal DNA” (cffDNA) can be investigated for the presence of chromosomal disorders in the unborn child (e.g. trisomy 21 – “Down syndrome”) using the HarmonyTM test. All that is needed is a blood sample from the mother.

The advantages of the HarmonyTM prenatal test at a glance:

  • excellent detection rate of 99.7% for trisomy 21
  • very low false positive rate of 0.06% for trisomy 21
  • excellent clinical validation, e.g. the to date biggest clinical NIPT study with 18,955 patients
  • attractive price: 399 euros for trisomy 21, 18, 13
  • short throughput time of 4-6 working days
  • no restrictions on account of a heparin treatment

Further information about the HarmonyTM test and the test procedure can be found on the website of Cenata GmbH .

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Center for Animal Genetics gets to work

CeGaT and dw sport horses GmbH found CAG GmbH – Center for Animal Genetics to bring cutting-edge research to horse, dog, and cat breeders and owners, providing tools to improve the genetic health and welfare of their animals. This partnership brings together CeGaT’s award-winning expertise in molecular genetics, sequencing, and data analysis and dw sport horses’ experience in the world of horses and animal breeding.

The corporate objective is to conduct ground-breaking molecular analysis of animal genetics and hereditary diseases. In addition to on-going research to develop new tests, CAG will offer identity and parentage testing, and single-gene disease and phenotype tests. CAG collaborates with academic laboratories, breed registries and breeders, and also offers services such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) of various animal species to answer specific research questions.

CAG’s research will reflect the leading edge of molecular genetics, working to predict simple and complex hereditary diseases and traits. Many diseases in horses, dogs and cats are still unexplored and their underlying cause unknown, particularly for multi-factorial conditions that include multiple genes and environment factors. CAG will focus on this area, contributing to basic research in the field to improve knowledge and resources for animal breeders and owners and developing resources to improve the genetic health and well-being of animals. Tests offered and developed by CAG GmbH will give breeders the tools they need to reduce the occurrence of undesirable traits through selective breeding and to confidently choose top quality animals for their breeding programs.

Official press release CeGaT (pdf)
Website CAG GmbH