New Retina subpanels

CeGaT introduces three additional Subpanels for Hereditary Eye Diseases: Stargardt disease and macular dystrophies (11 Genes) Cone rod dystrophies (25 Genes) Flecked retina disorders (6 Genes) We are now offering 32 Subpanels: Dementia and ALS (1 Subpanel – 20 Genes) Parkinson Syndrome (1 Subpanel – 16 Genes) Epilepsy (15 Subpanels – 265 Genes) Hereditary Eye […]

Exome Sequencing and Nature Genetics

The group of Dr. Holger Prokisch, Institute of Human Genetics, Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany, was able to identify a new gene (ACAD9) as cause of complex I deficiency, a severe mitochondrial disorder. The gene was identified through Exome Sequencing performed at CeGaT GmbH. Most interestingly, this study demonstrates how Exome Sequencing can contribute to finding […]

CeGaT offers Customized FISH Assays

Starting today, CeGaT together with Prof. Perner, Director of the Institute of Prostate Cancer Research, University Hospital of Bonn, offers the development of FISH assays for in-situ detection of amplifications, deletions, and translocations for nealy all gene loci, tailored to individual needs. Upon request we perform in-situ hybridisation on your material and the analysis of […]

Article on CeGaT in GenomeWeb / InSequence

Today Monica Heger of GenomeWeb / InSequence published an article on CeGaT and its Diagnostic Panels. Read the article on the GenomeWeb website.

New Epilepsy subpanels

CeGaT introduced 15 Epilepsy Subpanels. With these Diagnostic Panels all genes associated with Epilepsy can be sequenced simultaneously on our SOLiD 4 platform. We offer a full Epilepsy Diagnostic (Sequencing on SOLiD 4 system, Data Analysis, Re-Sequencing of Variants, Report) for each of our subpanels. We are now offering 28 subpanels: Dementia and ALS (1 […]