Boris Palmer visits CeGaT

Tübingens mayor Boris Palmer has visited CeGaT and congratulated the team on winning the German Founder Award. After a laboratory tour future developments and location strategies were discussed. For further informationen on his visit please read the article of the Schwäbischen Tagblatt (in German).  

Visit of the Sientific Advisory Board

At the annual summer meeting of CeGaTs scientific advisory boards, the managing director Saskia Biskup and Dirk Biskup presented numerous facts and figures of an successful business year. In a relaxed atmosphere current developments, proposals and suggestions were discussed. CeGaT thanks for the important input. Sientific Advisory Board members Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Berger (left back) […]

CeGaT wins German Founder Award

CeGaT is the “Best German Start-Up Company 2011″ and wins the most prestigious prize for entrepreneurs (Gründer) in Germany. The well-known Gründer Prize is promoted by Stern, Sparkasse, Porsche, and ZDF.

CeGaT upgrades its Epilepsy Panel

Based on the latest research further genes have been added to the existing Epilepsy panel. Furthermore we have introduced 6 new subpanels. We are now offering 20 Epilepsy subpanels with in total 327 genes: Epilepsy Subpanel 1: Generalized / Myoclonic Epilepsy, Febrile Seizures, Absences (now 38 genes) Epilepsy Subpanel 2: Epileptic Encephalopathies (now 30 genes) […]

CeGaT is finalist at the German Founder Award

Today it was announced that CeGaT is one of the three finalists of the German Founders Award in the category “StartUp”. The jury states as reason: “… because the company bundles the know-how of medical professionals, scientists and bioinformaticians, and reaches a new level in the analysis of genomes.” We are delighted to receive this […]