Article on CeGaT in GenomeWeb / InSequence

Today Monica Heger of GenomeWeb / InSequence published an article on CeGaT and its Diagnostic Panels. Read the article on the GenomeWeb website.

New Epilepsy subpanels

CeGaT introduced 15 Epilepsy Subpanels. With these Diagnostic Panels all genes associated with Epilepsy can be sequenced simultaneously on our SOLiD 4 platform. We offer a full Epilepsy Diagnostic (Sequencing on SOLiD 4 system, Data Analysis, Re-Sequencing of Variants, Report) for each of our subpanels. We are now offering 28 subpanels: Dementia and ALS (1 […]

Scientific Advisory Board: Prof. Dr. Peter Freisinger

CeGaT GmbH welcomes Prof. Dr. Peter Freisinger as a new member of the Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Freisinger is the Physician-in-Chief of Pediatric Medicine in Reutlingen, Germany. He is specialized in metabolic and mitochondrial disorders, skeletal dysplasias, and neurodevelopmental diseases. Furthermore he has a focus on perinatal medicine in neonatology. Prof. Freisinger will consult CeGaT […]

Introduction of Diagnostic Panels

CeGaT is among the worldwide pioneers and the first German company introducing Diagnostic Panels. With our panels a high number of genes can be sequenced and diagnosed simultaneously. In total we offer 16 different subpanels: Dementia and ALS (1 Subpanel, 20 Genes) Parkinson Syndrome (1 Subpanel, 16 Genes) Epilepsy (3 Subpanels – 55 Genes) Hereditary […]

SOLiD 4 Technology

CeGaT GmbH has upgraded its Next-Generation Sequencing Facility to the latest available technology of ABI / life technologies. Now we are able to generate up to 100 billion base pairs per run. This means that the coverage per run has doubled and thus significantly more reads are generated for exome and transcriptome sequencing.