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New Service: CeGaT’s Diagnostic Panel “Fertility” Identifies Genetic Causes for Infertility

CeGaT’s genetic infertility testing aims to identify the cause of involuntary childlessness: An appropriate diagnosis provides clarity for those affected. Based on the findings, the attending physicians can further improve the chances of having a child. People that have been trying in vain to start a family for a long time experience enormous psychological pressure, […]

CeGaT Introduces Regular Re-evaluation of Variants of Uncertain Significance (VUS)

CeGaT’s VUS re-evaluation reassesses previously reported variants of uncertain clinical significance (VUS) as soon as new scientific evidence on the pathogenicity of the variant is available. This leads to an even higher number of diagnoses made by CeGaT. Variants of uncertain clinical significance (VUS) are one of the five classes defined by the American College […]

CeGaT Launches the Molecular Pathology Panel for Targeted Identification of Therapy-Relevant Gene Mutations in Solid Tumors.

Update of the Molecular Pathology Panel for Cancer Diagnostics

CeGaT GmbH has expanded its molecular pathology panel and is now able to detect additional therapy-relevant gene mutations in tumors. The diagnostic panel allows a rapid and cost-efficient examination of the most common tumor entities. The Molecular Pathology Panel has been significantly revised, following the latest scientific findings and our own insights from cancer diagnostics. […]

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Panel Update: Improvement of the Panels for Epilepsy, Metabolic Diseases & Brain Development Disorders and Mitochondriopathies

The diagnostic panels for the disease categories Epilepsy, Metabolic Diseases & Brain Development Disorders (EPI) and Mitochondriopathies (MIT) have been updated in accordance with the latest scientific findings. As part of the update, the gene sets for metabolic diseases (MET) have been integrated into the Panel for Mitochondriopathies (MIT). This new, fourth version of the […]

CeGaT’s Genetic Tumor Diagnostics: Significantly Enhanced Medical Reporting

CeGaT has updated its Somatic Tumor Panel: Sequencing of 742 genes in tumor and normal tissue, reporting of treatment option, TMB and MSI determination, illustration of tumor-relevant signaling pathways. This helps physicians to identify the best therapeutic strategy. Every tumor has an underlying genetic cause: a unique set of mutations that help the tumor to […]