Tumor Diagnostics at CeGaT

  • Genetic analysis of tumor and normal tissue

  • Supports the selection of a targeted therapy

  • Based on the latest scientific findings

We are your experts in genetics

Dedicated Support

We assist you in choosing the most appropriate diagnostic test for your patients.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Receive your medical report within 4-6 weeks for Gene Panels and within 2-4 weeks for Single Gene Testing.

The Genetic Diagnostics Process

1. Symptoms

The patient has symptoms and schedules an appointment with a physician.

2. Consultation

There is a suspicion of disease with a suspected genetic cause. Genetic counseling then takes place.

3. Diagnostic Support

Our Diagnostic Support team can then be contacted to obtain support in choosing the most appropriate diagnostic strategy for the patient.

4. Analysis

The requested test is performed by CeGaT. A medical report is issued. The findings can then be discussed with the experts at CeGaT.

5. Medical Report

The patient can then be informed regarding the results of the diagnosis as part of a follow-up genetic counseling.


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