CeGaT is offering Next-Generation-Sequencing using the HiSeq 2500, the SOLiD 5500xl system as well as the IonTorrent (PGM). These platforms are best suited for sequencing genomes, exomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes, and microRNA.

CeGaT sees itself as a sequencing service provider for researchers and companies. We offer classical Sanger Sequencing (96-Capillary Sequencer, Applied Biosystems) and Next-Generation-Sequencing (HiSeq and SOLiD System) for your particular research projects. Next-Generation-Sequencing enables rapid and cost efficient sequencing; up to 600 Giga-bases can be generated per run. The classical Sanger Sequencing can be used to verify results or for smaller research projects.

In addition to pure sequencing we furthermore offer extensive bioinfomatic analysis of the generated data. Using a high performance cluster and a server, both of them equipped with 10 terabyte of memory, we can analyse your data depending on the particular question, e.g. alignment, coverage, SNP-calling etc.

Please see the following two pages for further information on Exome and Transcriptome Sequencing.

Since its foundation, CeGaT is an official Service Provider for Applied Biosystems / life technologies.