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CeGaT, Center for Genomics and Transcriptomics, is a service provider for DNA and RNA sequencing of humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. We use the latest available technologies and apply

Depending on the particular project, we decipher

  • single Genes,
  • Exomes,
  • Transcriptomes,
  • Epigenomes,
  • microRNA or
  • complete Genomes. 

CeGaT is an accredited Molecular Human Genetic Diagnostics Laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 15189:2007. See the official certificate here.

CeGaT is the "Best German Start-Up Company 2011".


8th August 2014 - New study finds high risk for breast cancer in carriers of PALB2 mutations

A study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows a highly increased risk to develop breast cancer for carriers of pathogenic mutations in PALB2 gene. Antoniou et al. determined a ninefold increase in breast cancer risk for both genders.

28th July 2014 - CeGaT and three professors from Tübingen found company: CeMeT GmbH

CeGaT and three professors from Tübingen, university professors Ingo Autenrieth, Daniel Huson, and Detlef Weigel, Director at the Tübingen Max-Planck-Institute, found the CeMeT GmbH for determination, analysis and evaluation of the human metagenome for medical, dental and veterinary issues.

18th July 2014 - CeGaT wins STEM-enterprise competition 2014

CeGaT received the first prize in the STEM-enterprise competition for human resources development and binding of women in the company at yesterday's awarding ceremony of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

17th July 2014 - CeGaT is service provider of the year 2014

CeGaT was awardes "Service provider of the year 2014" at yesterday's awarding ceremony of the State of Baden-Württemberg winning the first prize in the category "exemplary service innovation".

22nd June 2014 - CeGaT explains unclear syndromic disease of a six-year-old boy

Doctors of the Institute of Clinical Genetics at the Klinikum Stuttgart succeeded to reveal the molecular cause of the to date unclear syndromic disease of a six year old boy by using CeGaT's diagnostic sequencing service.

15th June 2014 - CeGaT’s next-generation sequencing facility awarded Illumina CSPro Certification

CeGaT has successfully completed Illumina CSPro™ certification for sequencing, gaining entry to an elite group of Illumina genomics service providers globally.

7th June 2014 - CeGaT nominated for the Baden-Württemberg Regional Prize

CeGaT is nominated for the Baden-Württemberg "Regional Prize for young companies", which is presented together with the state government and L-Bank.

The prize money for the award amounts to a total of 100,000 euros, of which the winner receives 40,000 euros. At the awarding ceremony on November 19th 2014 in Stuttgart we will know weather CeGaT finishes with a leading position. In total, 390 companies applied of which 19 other companies were nominated.

04. June 2014 - CeGaT establishes US subsidiary

CeGaT and B. Braun Medical US have established a subsidiary to serve the US sequencing and diagnostics market: B. Braun CeGaT, LLC located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Please see our press release.

30. May 2014 - CeGaT cooperates with N-of-One on tumor diagnostics

CeGaT is partnering with N-of-One in the field of tumor diagnostics to provide high quality, up-to-date interpretation of mutations with very rapid turnaround times. Please see our press release.

10. April 2014 - CeGaT receives 10,000 th sample

We received the 10,000 th sample for molecular testing today. For us, the quality of the analysis is and will remain top priority. In addition we were able to reduce the turn-around time for diagnostic panels to less than three months. We wish to thank all senders for their confidence in our services.

28. March 20014 - CeGaT extended diagnostics pipeline: Third HiSeq 2500 from Illumina goes into operation

The course of CeGaT is furthermore on the rise. This makes an increase in capacity necessary and leads to an investment in a third HiSeq 2500 from Illumina. Therefore, the following NGS platforms are in use in our laboratory:

  • 3 x HiSeq 2500 (Illumina)
  • 1 x MiSeq (Illumina)
  • 1 x IonTorrent PGM (Life Technologies)

07. March 2014 - Saskia Biskup wins 2014 EU Prize for Women Innovators

Today Saskia Biskup, co-founder and Managing Director of CeGaT GmbH, was announced as winner of the 2014 EU Prize for Women Innovators by the European Commission. The official celebration will take place in Brussels on Monday. The winners will receive their prizes from the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso at the opening ceremony of the Innovation Convention 2014, Europe’s premier innovation event. Saskia Biskup receives the prize for achieving outstanding innovations and bringing them to market.

Official press release CeGaT (pdf)
Official press release of the European Commission (website)

Watch the video portrait of Saskia Biskup and CeGaT

05. March 2014 - Scientific Advisory Board: Prof. Dr. Bernd Wissinger

CeGaT welcomes Prof. Dr. Bernd Wissinger as a new member of the Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Dr. Bernd Wissinger, Full Professor for Molecular Genetics of Sensory Systems and Head of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Institute of Ophthalmic Research, University Clinics Tübingen. Prof. Wissinger is an internationally recognized expert in the field of the genetics of inherited retinal disorders and optic atrophies and coordinator of the RD-CURE consortium for the development of gene therapy applications to treat achromatopsia and retinitis pigmentosa.

He will support CeGaT especially in the field of eye diseases.

20. February 2014 - CeGaT launches eleven Diagnostic-Panels for Skin Diseases

CeGaT has developed eleven new panels for comprehensive analysis of inherited skin diseases. The eleven panels (DRM01-DRM11) comprise 207 genes associated with hereditary forms of skin diseases. Disease pattern for e.g. ichthyoses, genetic epidermolyses, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are included in the new panel.

Please find further information about the new panel section of skin diseases.

24. January 2014 - Extensive Diagnostic Panel update on "Neuromuscular Diseases"

CeGaT now offers additionally to the existing eight subpanels for Neuromuscular Diseases the "Walker-Warburg Syndrome" with 13 genes.

The genes of the already available eight subpanels are also adjusted from 218 genes up to 284 genes.

Please find further information on the Neuromuscular Diseases section.

19. December 2013 - CeGaT's Exome Sequencing identifies the cause of a rare syndrom

CeGaT successfully clarified the cause for a patient's disease by sequencing and diagnosing the exomes of the young patient and their parents. A point mutation was found in the gene SATB2 which caused the disease. To date, only one mutation in the SATB2-gene has been identified worldwide. Together with the Klinikum Stuttgart, the phenotype of the SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS) was described and published in the European Journal of Human Genetics.

2. December 2013 - CeGaT participates in pancreatic cancer research

CeGaT has joined a scientific research consortium of leading European scientists to identify the genetic causes of pancreatic cancer. The European Union FP7-Programm, which will last five years, is publicly funded with over 11 million euros. Eleven partners from five countries are working together for a better understanding of this extremely aggressive and difficult-to-treat cancer.

22. November 2013 - CeGaT celebrates roofing ceremony

Seven months after the ground-breaking ceremony CeGaT celebrated yesterday afternoon the roofing ceremony of the new CeGaT office and laboratory building.

21. October 2013 - CeGaT extends Diagnostic Panel "Neurodegenerative Diseases"

CeGaT extends on their Diagnostic Panels the spectrum of Neurodegenerative Diseases from 16 to 22 panels. In addition to the existing panels for Parkinson´s disease, dementia, ALS, dystonia and other hereditary neurodegenerative syndromes which have been updated, CeGaT now offers new panels for ataxia, hereditary spastic paraplegia, spinal muscular atrophy, choreatic movement disorders and leukodystrophy/ leukoencephalopathy.
In total we offer the analysis of 242 genes.

Please find further information on the Neurodegenerative Diseases section.

20. September 2013 - CeGaT is "Entrepreneur of the year" 2013 Award winner

CeGaT is winner at the Ernst & Young competition "Entrepreneur of the year" 2013 Award in the category "Start-up". Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur Of The Year is the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs.

Dr. Dr. Saskia Biskup and Dr. Dirk Biskup are proud of this triumph.

20. August 2013 - CeGaT launches 21 Diagnostic-Panels for Kidney Diseases

CeGaT has developed new panels for comprehensive analysis of inherited kidney diseases. The 21 panels (KID01-KID21) comprise 145 genes associated with both isolated and syndromic nephropathies. Further information is available under this link.


15. August 2013 - Genomeweb Interview with Saskia Biskup

Saskia talks about CeGaT's Diagnostic Panels and its significant advantages over single gene testing. She also presents the Tumor pipeline recently introduced by CeGaT. Furthermore Saskia announces the launch of an extensive PGx Panel with more than 340 genes. Link to the interview.


08. August 2013 - Update on Diagnostic Panels

CeGaT has updated its Diagnostic Panels by adding new genes and by extending the range of available Panels. Please have a look at the Panel Section.


19. July 2013 - CeGaT introduces most comprehensive Tumor Diagnostics

CeGaT has developed the most comprehensive NGS cancer gene panel with 552 genes for the detection of somatic mutations. In addition, CeGaT offers a Germline Tumor Panel with 97 genes as well as full Exomes Diagnsotics for cancer patients.

Please visit the new homepage section Tumor Diagnostics. 


29. June 2013 - Pedigree Chart Designer (PCD) updated

CeGaT now offers version 2.0 of its free-of-charge PCD, enabling users to work faster with keyboard shortcuts, supporting the creation of pedigrees for larger families, as well as introducing a new function to design pedigrees describing multiple phenotypes.


17. June 2013 - CeGaT invests in second HiSeq 2500 as well as MiSeq from Illumina

CeGaT keeps growing and invests in a second HiSeq 2500 and in the MiSeq from Illumina. CeGaT now operates the following NGS platforms in its laboratory in Tübingen, Germany:

2 x HiSeq 2500 (Illumina)
1 x MiSeq (Illumina)
2 x SOLiD 5500xl (Life Technologies)
1 x IonTorrent PGM (Life Technologies)

28. April 2013 - CeGaT introduces Panels for Mitochondriopathies

Together with its clinical partners, CeGaT has developed Diagnostic Panels for comprehensive molecular analysis of mitochondriopathies. The 2 Panels consists of 37 genes of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and 175 nuclear encoded genes associated with mitochondriopathies.

23. April 2013 - CeGaT's Retina Panels very successful in clinical application

CeGaT's Retina Diagnostic-Panel turned out to be very successful in finding the genetic cause of the disease in patients with retinal dystrophies. The results have been published in European Journal of Human Genetics.

09. February 2013 - CeGaT invests in HiSeq 2500 (Illumina)

CeGaT extends its range of sequencing technologies by the HiSeq 2500 (Illumina). The following sequencing technologies are now available:
• 3 SOLiD 5500xl (Life Technologies)
• Ion Torrent PGM (Life Technologies)
• HiSeq 2500 (Illumina)

06. January 2013 - New Diagnostic Panels for Cardiac, Skin and Kidney Diseases, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Mitochondriopathies

CeGaT has developed new Diagnostic Panels for inherited cardiac diseases, skin diseases, kidney diseases, autism spectrum disorders and mitochondriopathies increasing the number of panels to more than 100.

25. November 2012 - CeGaT introduces new Diagnostic Panels

CeGaT has established new Diagnostic Panels for Brain Development Disorders, Ciliopathies, Connetive Tissue Disease, Ion Channel Diseases, and Rasopathies. Meanwhile we are offering 78 different Diagnostic Panels. Please have a look at our Diagnostic Panel website.

21. November 2012 - CeGaT among the most innovative companies

For its Diagnostic Panels, CeGaT was selected to be one of the finalists of this year's Innovation Price hosted by the Ministry of Economics of the State of Baden-Württemberg (South-West Germany).

16. November 2012 - Collaboration between CeGaT and Amplexa

CeGaT and Amplexa (Danmark) will collaborate on diagnostic gene tests. Please see our joint press release.

07. November 2012 - CeGaT starts FREE Exomes Project

To celebrate its successful participation in Boston Children's Hospital Clarity Challenge, CeGaT together with Genomatix offers a free sequencing and analysis of 18 exomes. Please check our "Free Exomes" Site.

07. November 2012 - Finalist of the CLARITY Challenge

CeGaT is thrilled that it is awarded finalist (Top 3) in the Clarity Challenge together with its partner Genomatix. Further information are available in our News Section and through our Press Release.

06. November 2012 - CeGaT achieves 2nd place at Deloittes Fast 50 competition

With a total growth of more than 3,200 % in the last 3 years, CeGaT was awarded the 2nd place in the Rising-Stars category of Deloittes Fast 50 competition. With this award Deloitte honours the 50 fastest growing companies in Germany.

27. September 2012 - Diagnostic Panels for NMD, CMT, and Long QT

CeGaT now offers 9 new Panels for neuromuscular diseases,  Charcot-Marie-Tooth, and long QT-syndrome.

04. September 2012 - Pedigree Chart Designer (PCD) available

CeGaT just released its free of charge Pedigree Chart Designer (PCD). The PCD allows you to design, store, load, and print pedigree charts. You are free to use the stored pedigree charts in whatever way you like, for example in medical history files, in presentations or in an order for genetic testing.

27. July 2012 - Epilepsy, Migraine and Metabolic Disorder Panel update

CeGaT has improved its Epilepsy, Migraine and Metabolic Disorder Panels. We have added 34 new genes, the Epilepsy, Migraine and Metabolic Disorder Panels now include 361 genes. They have been grouped into 16 new panels, designed to represent different disease patterns.

01. July 2012 - New FISH test available

CeGaT has established together with Prof. Perner a large number of FISH tests that are immediately available: 

30. May 2012 - 265 genes at once

With their Next Generation Sequencing panel of 265 genes, Johannes Lemke and Saskia Biskup identified mutations in 16/33 patients with unclassified, presumably genetic epilepsy. The results published in Epilepsia last week are quite impressive. 

23. April 2012 - CeGaT offers new Tumor-Panels

CeGaT offers now diagnostic-panels for hereditary tumor diseases:

  • Colon cancer/adenoma
  • Breast/Ovarian Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Pheochromocytoma/Paraganglioma
  • other familial tumors

Actually CeGaT offers 60 different Diagnostic-Panels for various disease symptoms. Further information is available at "Diagnostic Panels".

31. January 2012 - B Braun takes an interest in CeGaT

B Braun Melsungen AG acquired a 20 % interest in CeGaT GmbH. With this investment B Braun for the first time enters the market for genetic diagnostics. B. Braun is a German based service provider for the health market with more than 43,000 employees and annual sales of EUR 4.4bn.The investment of B Braun gives CeGaT the opportunity to even further extend our range of Diagnostic Panels and to distribute them internationally.

16. January 2012 - New CeGaT-Panels

CeGaT introduced new Diagnostic Panels for Movements Disorders and Neurodegenerative Diseases:

  • Dystonia
  • Neuroakanthocythosis
  • Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation(NBIA)
  • Neuromuscular Diseases

13. January 2012 - CeGaT invests in Ion Torrent

CeGaT just equipped its lab with an Ion Torrent Personal Genome Analyzer from Life Technologies. This brand new technology will be used for fast turn-around Diagnostic Panels and soon also for whole exome and transcriptome sequencing. For more information click here.

27. October 2011 - Second SOLiD 5500xl

CeGaT increased its capacities of its Next-Generation-Sequencing facility. Our lab is now equipped with:

  • Two SOLiD 5500xl
  • Two SOLiD 4
  • Agilent BRAVO
  • Library Builder

This enables us to decipher up to 600 billion basepairs per week.

20. October 2011 - CeGaT Lab officially accredited

CeGaT is now officially accredited as Molecular Human Genetic Diagnostics Laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 15189:2007. Please have a look at the certificate from the German Accreditation Body.

15. October 2011 - CeGaT is Finalist for STEP Award 2011

Once again, CeGaT is nominated as finalists for one of the most prestigious awards for young and innovative companies. We are very proud to be among the finalists for the STEP Award 2011 presented by Hoechst Infraserv and F.A.Z. Institute.

30. September 2011 - CeGaT and Genomnia coorporate in Italy

CeGaT and Genomnia have signed an agreement for the Italian distribution of Sequencing-Based Dx Tests on SOLiD for a range of Diseases.

28. June 2011 - CeGaT wins German Gründer Prize

CeGaT is the "Best German Start-Up Company 2011" and wins the most prestigious prize for entrepreneurs (Gründer) in Germany. The well-known Gründer Prize is promoted by Stern, Sparkasse, Porsche, and ZDF.

01. March 2011 - SOLiD 5500xl

CeGaT is happy to announce that it will shortly upgrade to SOLiD 5500xl. This will more than double our output per run.

25. January 2011 - List of Genes online

The list of genes available for genetic testing is now online. Please have a look at Molecular Diagnostics / List of Genes.

20. December 2010 - Three new Diagnostic Panels for Hereditary Eye Diseases

CeGaT introduces three new Diagnostic Panels for Hereditary Eye Diseases, namely:

  1. Stargardt disease and macular dystrophies (11 Gene)
  2. Cone rod dystrophies (25 Gene)
  3. Flecked retina disorders (6 Gene)

 » Diagnostic Panels

14. November 2010 - Exome Sequencing and Nature Genetics

The group of Dr. Holger Prokisch, Institute of Human Genetics, Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany, was able to identify a new gene (ACAD9) as cause of complex I deficiency, a severe mitochondrial disorder. The gene was identified through Exome Sequencing performed at CeGaT.

01. November 2010 - Customized FISH Assays

Starting today, CeGaT offers together with Prof. Perner, Director of the Institute of Prostate Cancer Research, University Hospital of Bonn, the development of FISH assays for in-situ detection of amplifications, deletions, and translocations for nealy all gene loci, tailored to individual needs.

» Customized FISH Assays

26. October 2010 - CeGaT in GenomeWeb / InSequence

Today Monica Heger of GenomeWeb / InSequence published a long article on CeGaT and its diagnostic panels.

02. June 2010 - Epilepsy Diagnostics Panels

CeGaT introduces 15 Epilepsy Panels. With these newly established Panels all genes associated with Epilepsy can be sequenced simultaneously on our SOLiD 4 platform. We offer a full Epilepsy Diagnostic (Sequencing on SOLiD 4 system, Data Analysis, Re-Sequencing of Variants, Report) for each of our panels.

02. May 2010 - CeGaT introduces Diagnostic Panels

CeGaT, Center for Genomics and Transcriptomics, is one of the worldwide pioneers and the first German company applying Next-Generation-Sequencing for genetic testing by introducing Diagnostic Panels.