Customized FISH-Assays

Along with the increasing number of projects utilizing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) we expect the identification of a large number of novel amplified, deleted, or translocated genes playing a key role in tumor initiation and progression. The gold standard for in-situ validation of such genes is fluorescence in-situ hybridisation (FISH). Unfortunately, only a limited spectrum of commercially available FISH probes is available.

To close this gap, CeGaT together with Prof. Perner, Director of the Institute of Prostate Cancer Research, University Hospital of Bonn, offers the development of FISH assays for in-situ detection of amplifications, deletions, and translocations for nearly all gene loci, tailored to individual needs.

The price per newly developed FISH probe is EUR 1,150 (VAT not incl.). This price comprises  thorough consultation by Prof. Perner and probes for at least 20 tests. The turn-around-time to developing one FISH probe is four weeks after receipt of order. Further material of the same probe for every 20 tests is offered at EUR 300 (VAT not incl.). 

Upon request we perform in-situ hybridisation on your material and the analysis of the experiments.

Immediately available are:

Please contact us at  FISH {at} for further information.